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Asset Management &
Investment Research  
Invest in the options market by utilizing alternative data across assets tied to online businesses.
Our dual business lines
Codify Investment Research gathers non-financial business metrics from  online sources, while Codify Capital Asset Management transforms them into trading products to profit on corporate events.

Investment Research: 

Gathers and utilizes non-financial operational metrics to enrich forecasting algorithms and investment performance.

Vast amounts of public data hold clues on a company’s operational performance. We continually collect this data across review sites, social media, web traffic, supply chains, and more.Using  machine learning models, we detect subtle patterns within  data.

These granular insights allow our clients to forecast performance with high accuracy and make smarter investments.

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Asset Management: 

Out traders implement complex options strategies around earnings announcements, clinical trials, regulatory rulings, and  potential stock-moving events.

Using non financial data we unlock hidden opportunities while avoiding noise. Clients benefit from research-powered trades precisely timed to capture returns in volatile moments .

Our edge lies in connecting the dots between the many data fragments that shape performance at operational level. We draw a more complete narrative so that capital investment remains steps ahead.

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Use Cases

The Power of Data in Private Equity Due Diligence
Feb 21, 2019

Codify AI enables private capital firms to revolutionize antiquated due diligence workflows through real-time data analytics. By automatically aggregating and monitoring alternative datasets across companies in the investment funnel, Codify equips investors to swiftly conduct diligence, benchmark growth, uncover objective insights, and make faster, higher-conviction investment decisions. This transforms deal flow, accelerates time-to-close, and delivers demonstratively higher portfolio returns.

Getting Ahead of the Market with Predictive Intelligence
Feb 21, 2019

Codify AI enables asset managers to act on forward-looking insights from alternative data before market moves. By illuminating leading indicators ahead of financial reports, Codify empowers investors to optimize positioning, capture emerging winners earlier, and drive better returns. Clients outperform through data intelligence.

Retail Investor - Leveling the Investing Playing Field with Data Intelligence.
Feb 21, 2019

Codify AI levels the investing playing field for retail traders by enabling data-driven decision making on par with institutional investors. By continuously monitoring and analyzing alternative datasets across public and private companies, Codify provides regular investors predictive insights and early warning signals to guide profitable trades. Equipped with this elite-level visibility into business fundamentals before earnings and newsflows, active individual traders can consistently beat the market. As one user put it.