About Us
We believe that investors should rely on more than intermittent financial reports.


Be the global leader in alternative data-driven investment insights that empower clients to achieve superior returns in the stock options market.


To unlock alternative data sources and design predictive investment models guiding clients toward the most profitable opportunities on market events.

Product portfolio
🌐 Conversational Dashboards
Unlock insights from web traffic, social sentiment, satellite imagery & more. Our intuitive dashboards & AI assistant make it easy to spot trends & opportunities. Ask questions in natural language for quick, actionable insights. Stay ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge platform.

💬 Sentiment Analysis
Use AI to assess market sentiment from various online sources like news, social media, analyst reports, product reviews, forums, and blogs, providing a comprehensive view of bullish, bearish or valatility driving opinions to guide investment decisions.
📅 Corporate Events Trading Signals
Predict earnings surprises before they happen by leveraging our AI-powered analysis of alternative data like web traffic, customer reviews, and supplier relationships. Our scanner flags potential beats or misses compared to consensus estimates, giving you an edge.

Anticipate volatility movements around earnings releases and capitalize on profitable opportunities by implementing our options trading strategies.
📶 Economic Release Trading Signals
Predict short-term stock price changes around important economic news releases. Our AI looks at past market data, online sentiment, and live reactions to events like job reports, inflation updates, Fed statements, and GDP numbers.

Make smart trades and potentially profit from the market volatility that  follows major economic announcements.