Retail Investor - Leveling the Investing Playing Field with Data Intelligence.

February 21, 2019

Meet John, an active retail trader managing $85,000 across personal brokerage accounts. While knowledgeable about markets, John often felt at an informational disadvantage compared to institutional investors with abundant resources. He predominantly relied on financial statements, analyst reports and newsflows to guide investment decisions.

However, after adopting Codify AI, John unlocked the same elite visibility leveraged by hedge funds to realize market-beating returns. By continuously monitoring alternative data on public and private companies, Codify serves up predictive intelligence for John on business health, growth trajectories and potential inflection points before financials materialize.

Recently, John reviewed a Codify dashboard flashing caution signals around Fintech Inc. Despite strong reported user traction, Codify revealed surging complaints about Fintech’s new lending product plus abnormal executive departures - early yet reliable red flags. John promptly sold his position, sidestepping a 60% stock cratering a month later when Fintech badly missed estimates.

Powered by Codify’s data capabilities, John seized several other opportunities to make timely moves aligned with corporate fundamentals while most retail investors traded blind. Across his portfolio, he achieved 38% higher annual returns than the S&P 500 - all without paying a dime for Wall Street research or insights. “It’s like having a Bloomberg Terminal for the average Joe,” raves John. For retail traders, Codify AI finally bridges Wall Street’s informational divide.

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