Getting Ahead of the Market with Predictive Intelligence

February 21, 2019

Imagine a $20 billion asset management firm called Wilson & Partners, which runs several actively-managed equity funds. Despite strong pedigrees, Wilson’s funds have recently struggled to consistently beat their benchmarks. The problem? Financials and earnings reports only show last quarter’s numbers. In today’s fast-changing world, reactive investing isn’t enough.

To gain an informational edge, Wilson adopted Codify AI to unlock alternative datasets across companies in its portfolios. By integrating proprietary data on web traffic, hiring trends, policy changes and more, Codify reveals forward-looking insights weeks and months ahead of financial disclosures.

Recently, Wilson’s tech portfolio manager noted a surge in Codify’s hiring and attrition data for Intui, a cloud software firm in the fund. This reflected abnormal churn in Intui’s machine learning team. Given the critical nature of this group for Intui’s offerings, the PM significantly reduced holdings – a prescient move, as Intui later collapsed over 60% after failing to hit performance targets.

Equipped with predictive intelligence from Codify, Wilson’s active strategies are strategically positioned to capture upside and sidestep landmines. In just 8 months, returns for flagship funds have improved north of 200 basis points, putting Wilson ahead of 96% of peers. “It’s like getting tomorrow’s newspaper today,” noted one PM. “We can see inflections faster than anyone.” With advanced warning from rich datasets, the future has never looked brighter at Wilson & Partners.

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